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VPTís new DVSB provides 3.3V and 5V output in a single module, saving board space and expense while improving system reliability for military applications




New 25-30W DC/DC's Feature Wide (4-to-1) Input Voltage Ranges


Advertising Stuff    -   Friday, July 19, 2002

New DATEL Ads Move Price to the Top

We're not keeping it a secret. Our new LSN Series SIP DC/DC's are great converters, and we sell them at a great price.
If you monitor sample requests and design wins, you already know our new LSN D3 (3.3V inputs), D5 (5V inputs) and D12 (12V inputs) non-isolated SIP DC/DC's are some of the most exciting products DATEL has had in some time.
LSN popularity is due to an unbeatable combination of small size (0.7 square inches), impressively high efficiency (up to 96%), incredibly low noise (10mVp-p for some models), and "right-on" prices (<$20 in singles, <$15 in thousands, and less than $10 for 50k pieces).
In North America, we've just launched a new ad campaign that puts price right at the top of the list. The ads appearing now are for D3 models (fully released and in production). D12's (fully released and officially announced next week) are next, followed by D5's. Ads will be appearing in EE Times (and its Planet Analog Supplement), Electronic Products Magazine, Netronics Magazine, EDN and EE Product News.
To our knowledge, this is the first time a DC/DC vendor has really pushed prices. It's probably the first time one of us has had a product this appealing.
The LSN D3's can be found in the new-product section of our web site today. The D12's will be added next week. If you need data sheets, click on the Data Sheet Index and go to Non-Isolated Singles.



20/30/40 Amp Quarter Bricks
10 Amps from a No-Brick
8 and 10 Amp, SIP DC/DC's
6 Amp, Low-Voltage DC/DC's
Electronic Loads Control 500ĶA/Bit
4-20mA Readout with Blue LED's
0-2000A AC Ammeters
14-Bit Imaging Processor
4/2 Channel, 10MHz PCI Boards
4 Channel, Power-DAC Boards



News Release

VPT to Design Revolutionary Power Supply  for US Air Force Satellite Program

Pioneering a new standard in affordable satellite power supply design, VPT will incorporate its off-the-shelf space-quality DC-DC converters and other components.   BLACKSBURG, VA, June 24, 2002 - VPT Inc.,  Dowload Acrobat Reader


VPT, Inc., Press Release, April 6, 2001

"New DV200 is highest density, lowest cost military converter in standard halfbrick packaging available"  

VPT, Inc., Press Release, June 19, 2000

"VPT presents radiation test results at the 19th annual space power workshop"  

VPT, Inc., Press Release, June 21, 2000

High Reliability Triple Output DC-DC Power Converters with Internal MIL-STD-461 C/D Filter Offers Ease of System Integration 

VPT, Inc., Press Release, June 9, 2000

"High Reliability 30 Watt Output DC-DC Power Converters with Internal MIL-STD-461 C/D Filter Offers Higher Power One Component Solution"

VPT, Inc., Press Release, February 15, 2000

"VPT Announces Quality Systems Registration to ISO-9001 and compliance to AS9000"

VPT, Inc., Press Release, January 14, 2000

"Low Cost Triple Output COTS Power Supply provides 30 Watts with an Internal MIL-STD-461 EMI Filter for High Reliability Applications

VPT, Inc., Press Release, January 5, 2000

Half Bridge DC to DC Converter with Low Output Current Ripple" 

NASA Tech Briefs, December 1999

"Bi-Directional Magnetic Isolator allows Military/Aerospace DC-DC Converters to Operate Properly in No Load or Short Circuit Conditions" Isolator Patent.pdf

"Dc-to-dc power-converter modules that operate with input potentials from 60 to 140 V and generate various output potentials up to 15 V are undergoing development. Designed specifically for use aboard planned spacecraft wherein electric power will be supplied at bus potentials from 70 to 120 V, these power-converter modules could also be useful in a variety of terrestrial applications. VPT's Transformer-Coupled Feed forward/Feedback control scheme offers advantages of greater reliability and functionality, relative to power-converter control schemes based on opto couplers."


     New Releases

TACONIC Launches ORCERTM Brand with Development of RF-60 and RF-30 Products

New product family combines the advantages of fluoropolymer organic chemistry with the benefits of ceramic compounds.

Today in Boston, Massachusetts, TACONIC of Petersburg, New York announced a new brand name, ORCERTM, and the development of two new products, RF-60 and RF-30, to extend its Advanced Dielectric Divisionís product line.  The ORCERTM product family includes products with dielectric constants ranging from 3.0 to 10.0.  These products provide the low electrical loss, high rigidity and dimensional mechanical strength, high copper peel strength, low thermal expansion rates, stable dieletric constants and low moisture absorption associated with fluoropolymer laminates.  The ORCERTM, Trademark is relevant for all laminates manufactured in either of TACONICís Mullingar, Ireland or Petersburgh, New York manufacturing facilities as well as TACONICís future manufacturing facility located near Seoul, Korea.

TACONICís two newest products, RF-60 and RF-30 fall under the ORCERTM product family.  RF-60 has a dielectric constant of 6.15, which allows for circuit miniaturization, making it ideal for next generation power amplifiers, antennas and related components.  RF-30 maintains a dielectric constant of 3.0, making it ideal for low inter-modulation performance of base station antennas.

TACONICís Advance Dielectric President,          Mr. Berry Beumer, commented, ďThe introduction of these new products allow our customers to miniaturize their circuit designs.  ORCERTM products combine the low-loss advantages of fluoropolymer organic chemistry with ceramicís capability to adjust the dielectric constant provides our customers with superior electrical performance while maintaining ease of processing. ď

TACONIC, a manufacturer of PTFE Coated fiberglass since, 1961, employs over 400 people worldwide and is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of engineered products for demanding specialty applications.  TACONIC products serve the Wireless Communication, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Food, Medical and Textile Industries, encapsulating a broad spectrum of available substrate materials with PTFE, fluoropolymer based and / or elastomer materials.


New Products:

CTT introduces several new products to its quality line up.   The following links include information on features, pictures, descriptions, and data sheets (if available).

DLW series Down Converter
23-40 GHz & LMDS Amplifiers
1.9 GHz PCS Power Amplifers
TWT Driver/Equalizers Amplifiers
6-18 GHz 4 & 8 W Power Amplifiers



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